Steady As She Goes

Day 393: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Port to Port: MM 627 to MM 662

Underway: 7:51 am      Motor Off: 4:15 pm      Miles Traveled: 35      Stayed At: Anchor

Mile 627 to Mile 662: Cut and paste yesterday’s blog into this space.

The only difference between yesterday and today was that we didn’t get a ride to the gas station from a fisherman – I had to walk two blocks – and we had fog in the morning. Otherwise, the days were pretty much carbon copies. The scenery in this part of the river is amazing. High tree covered bluffs dot the landscape like something out of the 3D version of Avatar. When they are shrouded in a little fog it makes us feel like we are on a different world.

We made steady progress all day and, after trying one spot that was too shallow, we anchored behind an island just downstream from Lancing, Iowa. Our perfect weather is going to start changing with rain forecast overnight and tomorrow. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Click Here: Close Encounters

In Passing: Schmidt Island (Hi Cliff and Caroline), Island No. 172, Snake Island, Pikes Peak State Park, Fish Lake, Hanging Rock Light, Ryan Island (Hi Ryan), Japan Slough, Harpers Ferry, Butter Lake, Crooked Slough, Lynxville, Atchafalaya Bluff Light.

Total Miles: 6,515

One thought on “Steady As She Goes

  1. Hi Cindy & Mike. I met you in Ft. Myers a couple days after Christmas at the trolley stop. I was frustrated with their schedule and you showed me how to track them with my phone. We started talking “Minnesota” (I’m from Edina) and, when I learned about your trip, I found it fascinating and asked if you were blogging. So I’ve checked in from time to time and took the virtual trip with you thanks to your thorough website. Congratulations and welcome home!
    Julia Fitzsimmons
    p.s. Nervous Nellie’s was a great recommendation. Thanks.

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